Homes installed inside a manufactured home park i.e.. mobile home park MUST be installed by a licensed installer ONLY. NO EXCEPTIONS

If you choose to install your own home on your own private land not located in a manufactured home community for your own occupancy, the only person that may help you with the installation is a licensed installer certified by our office. The homeowner must verify that installer's license is active and the homeowner must use the Homeowner/Installer agreement. You may verify if an installer's license is active by clicking here

You must obtain an Installation permit PRIOR to beginning the installation of the home. Contact an inspection agency that services your area for information on obtaining permits. You can find the inspection agencies that service your area but following the Call for Inspections link and click on the county where the home will be installed.

Permits are valid for 180 days. If the installation will not be completed and passed the final inspection before the 180 days has passed, you must contact the inspection agency that issued your permit to request an extension.