Park Owner/Operators

License to operate a park expire annually on December 31. The application and payment must be received in our office by the close of business day on the 31st or a 25% late penalty will be assessed. This penalty must be paid in full before your license will be renewed. Operating a park in the State of Ohio without a license is a violation of ORC 4781.27 and you may be subject to fines, penalties or injunctions filed against you in the local court. 

License to operate are non-transferrable. Upon the purchase of a existing community, you must obtain your license to operate within 30 days. 

Your community will be inspected annually by either the local health department, a neighboring health department, a third party agency or an inspector from the OMHC. You will have 30 days to correct any violations that are found during the inspection. Once you have the corrections completed, you must notify the Commission by providing photographic evidence or other approved means within 30 days. Refer to the your inspection report for acceptable violation correction proof. You may send your evidence via mail, fax or email to 

The most common violation committed by a park operator is not displaying your license to operate, your rules, and an emergency after hours phone number in a conspicuous place. A conspicuous place is a location that is available to all at all times. For example, a mailbox area, the door or window of the manager's office, or a sign or display in the common area. On the wall inside the manager's office is not a conspicuous place. If there is an emergency after hours and the office is closed, the emergency number will not be accessible. 

If you are selling or brokering more than 5 new or used homes  in a 12 month period, you must obtain a manufactured home dealer license. Leasing or Renting to own is equivalent to selling a home. 

Homes installed in a community must be done so by an installer licensed through our agency. Regardless of who owns the home or who is performing the installation or removal, the park operator must notify the Commission within two business days of any placement or removal of a home, shed, deck or awning. You will find a Placement / Removal form by clicking here