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The Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission values the input of all stakeholders in the regulatory process and encourages your participation in the rule revision / development process. Below are the links to proposed rules that are currently being considered by the Commission. Should you wish to comment on these proposals, you may do so by emailing them to or sending them by mail to:

Angel Legge
Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission
5100 Parkcenter Ave Suite 103
Dublin OH 43017


Organization and Administration
4781-1-02: Headquarters
- Amend the requirement that the office must be located in Dublin Ohio
4781-4-01: Administration; executive director
- Changes the word installer to licensee to ensure rules are applied to all licensees and not just installers
- Broadens the scope of staff at the Commission
Installation Inspection
4781-7-01: Inspections
- Corrects grammatical errors
- Adds requirement of entering temporary occupancy issuance onto seal report
- Removes the fee paid to the Commission for temporary occupancy permits
- Cleans up the notification process for violations found during inspections
- Removes the language allowing inspection agencies to set the fees for inspections
4781-7-02: Certified manufactured home inspectors and/or plans reviewers
- Clarifies the fee charged for credit card payments
4781-7-03: Inspection requirements
- Correct grammatical errors
- Added additional inspector discretion for existing footings
- Removes the ability for the inspection agency to charge for not requesting a final inspection
- Removes the ability to charge additional fees for permits not obtained prior to the commencement of an installation
- Clarifies when a home can legally be occupied
4781-7-04: Building departments and health departments; requirements for certification to perform inspections of manufactured homes
- Removes the requirement that building departments send their operating budget and population data to the Commission
4781-7-08: Duties and powers of the inspector
- Removes the ability for inspection agencies to charge additional fees for permits, inspections and plans review
- Clarifies the record retention policy
- Removes the reference to the Residential Code of Ohio and the ICC code
4781-7-09: Permits and plans review for manufactured homes
- Added language clarifying installing a home prior to obtaining a permit is a violation
- Added language that will set the fees permitted to be charged for installation permits and inspection services
4781-7-10: Commission plans review and installation inspections
- Restructured the fees charged by the Commission for installation inspections to align with the newly set fees that may be charged by all other certified agencies
Installer Licensing
4781-8-01: Installer licenses; application; identification cards and certificates
- Corrected grammatical errors
- Removes the fee charged for replacing ID cards
- Reduces the fee charge to obtain or renew an installer license from $250 to $150
4781-8-02: Non-resident installers
- Corrects grammatical errors
4781-8-04: License renewal
- Removes duplicate language
- Clarifies the notice of renewal that is sent to installers
4781-8-05: Supervision of non-licensed persons
- Clarifies who can set a home without a license
- Clarifies when it is permitted to legally occupy a home
4781-8-06: Education for applicants
- Clarifies credit card payment fees
- Increases the amount of time allowed between breaks during CE classes
4781-8-07: Examination for installers or inspectors
- Removes the 6 month requirement in regards to when the exam is taken and passed
4781-8-08: Complaints against licensees
- Cleans up the process of complaints against licensees
4781-8-10: Code of ethics for licensed manufactured home installers
- Changes licensee to installer
4781-8-11: Adjudication hearings
- Changes the language so that it correlates with RC 4781.121
Dealers, Brokers and Salesperson
4781-11-01: General provisions and requirements for manufactured housing dealer, manufactured housing broker, and manufactured housing salesperson
- Reduces the fee to obtain or renewal a salesperson license from $150 to $100
- Removes the fee for a replacement license
- Removes the fee for certified copies of a license
- Removes the fee for business info change
- Removes the fee for transferring a salesperson license
4781-11-04: Replacement license
- Removes the fee for a replacement of a license
4781-11-05: License renewal
- Corrects grammatical errors
4781-11-12: Salesperson license suspension, reinstatement and transfer
- Removes the reinstatement fee
Manufactured Home Park Regulations
4781-12-04.2: Manufactured home park license fee categories
- Reduces the fee charged for the license to operate a park from $4.15 per site to $3.55 per site
4781-12-07.1: Flood plain management development permits
- Reduces the fee charged for flood plain permits from $120 to $50
4781-12-07.3: Flood plain management elevations; floodway regulations
- Allows homes to be placed in a floodway with exceptions